The Hehman Honey Story

Welcome to Hehman Honey. We are two Kentucky brothers who share a passion for raising bees and farming.

Our bees reside at Falling Dove Farm in Williamstown, Kentucky.  We have built an orchard of apple and pear trees which supply plenty of blossoms in the spring for our bees to gather pollen and nectar.

Throughout the summer, our bees enjoy sunflowers, wild blueberry bushes and other flowering plants from which they continue their work.  Bees truly are amazing flying machines. They have a job to do and worker bees serve their queen dutifully.

As our honey business has expanded, we have established relationships with other beekeepers that have a business breeding for multiple hives or utilizing bees for pollination for their crops but they don’t want to go through the work of honey harvest.  With these new relationships, it has allowed us to be able to produce more fresh raw product.

We are a family business, often involving our families (including children) in our farm work. Our honey products are Kentucky Proud and we process our honey naturally, always made by nature. Our natural, raw honey is pure; meaning nothing was added from bee to hive to bottle.

Jude & Pete Hehman